Krause end bulb

Krause end bulb

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  • Krause end-bulb — Krau·se end bulb (krouґzə) [Wilhelm Johann Friedrich Krause, German anatomist, 1833–1910] see under end bulb …   Medical dictionary

  • Krause end-bulb — a type of small, spherical, encapsulated nerve ending found particularly in the dermis, lips, mouth, and conjunctiva; thought to function as a rapidly adapting mechanoreceptor …   Medical dictionary

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  • end bulb — n a bulbous termination of a sensory nerve fiber (as in the skin or in a mucous membrane) compare KRAUSE S CORPUSCLE * * * encapsulated nerve ending …   Medical dictionary

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  • bulb — 1. Any globular or fusiform structure. SYN: bulbus [TA]. 2. A short, vertical underground stem of plants, such as onion and garlic. [L. bulbus, a bulbous root] aortic b. [TA] the dilated first part of the aorta containing the aort …   Medical dictionary

  • Krause corpuscle — see under end bulb …   Medical dictionary

  • Krause — Fedor, German surgeon, 1857–1937. See K. graft, Wolfe K. graft. Karl F.T., German anatomist, 1797–1868. See K. glands, under gland, K. ligament. Wilhelm J.F., German anatomist, 1833–1910. See K. bone, K. end bulbs, under bulb, K. respiratory… …   Medical dictionary

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